Monday, 18 June 2012

A Pondering - Human Energy(Chi)

As I sit in the dark after A productive day I started to think about how humans can be extremely beautiful,caring nurturing  creatures and as with everything the contrast exists. Human beings can be angelic but we can also be dark, twisted ,Ignorant & greedy.

Ignorance & negativity is something that disturbs me to no end, I feel that as humans we carry an "AURA" be that a smile a frown, a skip in your step or hanging your head low.  As beings of energy we feed off each other.

Whilst sitting in the company of A "negative" person , I personally can notice my positive mood decrease/lower I call these people energy vampires. They literally suck all your positive energy away to make themselves feel better.

Here is where I ask you to provide me feedback. The next time you are sitting in a group or 1on1 situation put the feeders out to consciously sense the energy.

Let me know how your experiment goes , try to deflect the negativity in a positive way and  keep your chi in check .

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